Me Generation

Producer & songwriter James Delaney of JD Soundworx announces new album
"Me Generation"

Los Angeles, CA - JD Soundworx has announced a new album, "Me Generation" along with its lead single, "Yeh! it's all about you"
"Yeh! it's all about you" is a crisp, and energetic piece of pop rock that finds Delaney with all the knives in his arsenal of skills sharpened to their finest edge. From its mingling of rock textures and sleek pop melodies to its fusion of smarts and catchiness, "Yeh! it's all about you" is an on-target introduction to Delaney and the JD Soundworx studio.
UK Magazine Future Music Oct 2008 has voted JDSoundworx artist James c Delaney Top Demo of the month for his song "Yeh! it's all about you" sung by Josh Barretto.
James and Josh have managed to create a very unique sound with some gravely vocals to compliment the backing.

1: Me Me Me
2: Your going down
3: Reality Check
4: GLB
5: I cant believe