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JDSoundworx: Full Album Contracted by Production Library
Broadjam artist, James Delaney (known as JDSoundworx), is getting a full album produced. Through a submission on Broadjam. PerpetualMusicgroup has had clients like the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, Audi, Mercedes, Samsung, Leagas Delaney, Saatchi & Saatchi, Living TV, Late Late Show, Bravo, American Apparel, National Geographic Channel, Virgin 1, NBC, NHK TV Japan, Brit Awards, Virgin Radio, Galaxy Radio, Real Radio, and Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN amongst others. We're hoping to hear the talented JDSoundworx on the air very very soon!
Artist: jdsoundworx
Song: Stand and deliver (Instr)
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Los Angeles, CA, Melbourne, Sydney, Edinburgh and London- Melbourne Australia.

JDSoundworx is Delaney's recording studio whose primary focus is the creation and production of music for placement in film and television and for other artists needing songs in the rock and pop fields. JDSoundworx, thanks to J Delaney's songwriting and production talents, is ever growing in its reputation as a source of songs that are geared to commercial requirements without loss of substance and staying power.

Recently, Delaney partnered with pacintmusic.com, the premier A&R firms based out of Los Angeles, CA, to help make even further inroads into the entertainment industry.
The forthcoming "4TUNE8" album and songs like "STAND AND DELIVER DUB-DANCE" are his calling cards and the best advocate a songwriter/producer could offer. Delaney's songs are audio revelations, with crystal clarity in the production of bright, vivacious, hooky pop rock bites.
Delaney is versatile behind the mixing boards, in the recording process and as a songwriter. He's just at home crafting retro-minded 70s rock to the pop flare of the new millennium, not to mention the spectrum of styles in between. And he's always up for a challenge.