Fat Bastard
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Short Song Description:
Dire Straits/Shadows/Hank Marvin
Long Song Description:
Uplifting Happy summer song with plenty contrast, light and shade.
Lyric Credits: James Delaney
Music Credits: James Delaney
Producer Credits: James Delaney
Performance Credits: James Delaney
Song Length: 0:56
Primary Genre: R & B-Classic
Secondary Genre: R & B-General
Tempo / Feel: Non 4/4
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Energy
Subject Matter 2: Celebration
Mood 1: Welcoming
Mood 2: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Dire Straits
Similar Artist 2: Hank Williams
Language: No Language
Era: 1960 - 1969